We help businesses address modern slavery legislation and

and meet their obligations under supplier codes of conduct. 

Sourcing Justice believes

in supply chain transparency

and supporting ethical


Sourcing Justice works with businesses at every stage in their anti-slavery programme development. Some business are new to the topic and want a better understanding of supplier codes of conduct and the modern slavery laws that are starting to impact their business.  Others have an existing anti-slavery programme that they want to develop and better integrate throughout their organisations and supply chains.  Regardless of where you are at in this process, Sourcing Justice is here to help.

Our Services Include:

  • Risk Assessments

  • Modern Slavery Statements 

  • Modern Slavery Programme Development

  • Policy and Procedure Drafting and Implementation

  • Annual Programme Assessments

  • Legal Risk Assessment

  • Workforce Training

  • Executive Training

  • Audit Support

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Management Systems

  • Risk Analysis

  • Bespoke Consulting

Service-level programmes.

Getting Started

Many organisations are just learning about their responsibilities under the law and struggling to respond to the growing number of supplier codes of conduct requiring them to have a modern slavery statement and programme.  Sourcing Justice works with new businesses to understand this new and growing landscape of business and human rights and why it is relevant to their companies.  

Our Getting Started services include a basic risk assessment, anti-slavery ‘year one’ programme, and Modern Slavery Statement.

Elevate & Grow

We work with you to develop a plan that best addresses the risk and needs of your company. Our plans are pragmatic and actionable, focusing on getting you the greatest impact, while being aware of the constraints and resources available.

Lead the Way

Many companies recognise that having ethics and human rights at the heart of their brand is not just the right thing to do, but it is also good way to distinguish yourself from your competitors and tap into the growing market of socially conscious employees, consumers, and investors.  Sourcing Justice supports purpose-driven organisations to develop and integrate innovative and sector-leading practices that enable companies to promote their brand as a leader in promoting greater economic equality in global supply chains.

Bespoke Support

Sometimes businesses have a unique issue or challenge arise requiring one-to-one support and advice from experts in the field.  Sourcing Justice provides video or telephone consulting to help businesses tackle short-term challenges.  

For new customers, we offer this service at the rate of £65/hour for the first three hours.