We provide employees with the training they need to become stakeholders in your company’s anti-slavery programme.  Educating your workforce on the risks in their industry, knowing how to spot the signs of modern slavery, and knowing how to report it are fundamental to your due diligence programme.

Programme development and implementation requires business leaders to prioritise modern slavery as part of their company’s values and strategic agenda.  Sourcing Justice delivers bespoke workforce, director and executive-level training for your company to integrate your modern slavery programme into your workplace culture and enable the strategies that best support your departments and workforce.

Some examples of the training we provide include:

Modern Slavery in Businesses:  Helping those in your organisation who are responsible for modern slavery program implementation.  We train HR, CSR, and operational managers understand their policies and why modern slavery is an important issue for global businesses.

Modern Slavery in Supply Chains: Advanced training for the members of your team responsible for labour practices in supply chains, including HR, procurement, technical, responsible sourcing, social compliance and risk management professionals.  Available in the UK and abroad.

Legal workshops:  Legal training for attorneys and senior managers on global anti-slavery laws and legislation, including UK Modern Slavery Act, California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, as well as training on ethical procurement and ethical recruitment program development.

Community Training:  This training programme is designed for the members of the general public who want to learn more about modern slavery, what the warning signs are, and what to do if they suspect it may be going on in their communities.