Are you developing a modern slavery programme for the first time?  Or do you have an existing programme that needs a fresh set of eyes?  Sourcing Justice is here to help.  We offer a range of service and products that can be tailored to meet your organisations specific needs.  No matter your size or industry, Sourcing Justice is here to help.  Some of our business support products include:

Modern Slavery Risk Assessment

A first and critical step to getting your business on the right path.  A basic risk assessment allows us to identify your areas of risk in both your operations and your supply chain.  We take a look at your work force practices, policies, and operations,

Modern Slavery Programme Development

We work with you to develop a modern slavery programme that best addresses the risk and needs of your company.  We understand the resource and cultural challenges many organisations face in developing and implementing new workforce programmes.  We help you identify the areas in which your business can have the greatest impacts in mitigating modern slavery risks.  We work with you to reasonable goals and areas to focus on year-on-year, taking into account your resources and areas of influence.

UK Modern Slavery Act Statements

Companies with operations in the UK having gross annual revenues of £36 million or more are required by law to prepare and publish a modern slavery act statement.  Companies falling below this threshold are affected by the Act too, as the pressure from larger businesses is passed down through the supply chain in the form of human rights audits and supplier codes of conduct.  Sourcing Justice can develop your company’s statement, enabling you to proactively address the needs of your stakeholders.

Training Programmes

Workforce Training:  We provide employees with the training they need to become stakeholders in your company’s anti-slavery programme.  Educating your workforce on the risks in their industry, knowing how to spot the signs of modern slavery, and knowing how to report it are fundamental to your due diligence programme.

Director/Executive Training: Programme development and implementation requires business leaders to prioritise modern slavery as part of their company’s values and strategic agenda.  Sourcing Justice delivers bespoke director and executive-level training for your company to integrate your modern slavery programme into your workplace culture and enable the leadership strategies to best support your departments and workforce.

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